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Research Programme « Reform in International Transport Services » (RITS)

One of the objectives of GEM’s Research Programme on Reform in international transport services is to make publicly available some of the resources that are central to research in this area, that is, a compendium of regulations and related materials. The objective of this endeavour is to encourage research in this area by making accessible databases that contain:

  • The original texts of the regulations (in pdf format)
  • A consistent coding of various clauses
  • Some of the data that underlie papers published as part of this research programme

Regulation database
This page contains links to the files that contain the regulations that are archived on the GEM site. The objective is to gather in one place the texts that regulate international air and maritime transport.

To identify an Air service agreements, please use the table. If using these texts, please insert the following sentence or similar in the abstract or at the beginning of your paper:
‘Regulatory texts were accessed through the Regulation database of the Groupe d’Economie Mondiale at Sciences Po in Paris’

Coming soon: To identify Maritime regulations, please use the table.

Contribute to the Regulation database!
GEM is committed to providing the largest possible geographical coverage with a time dimension to faciltate comparisons and panel analyses. Staff at GEM therefore ask interested persons to help them to gather the regulatory texts.
How can I help?
The Regulation database contains texts in pdf format. You can send an electronic or hard copy of the relevant regulatory texts to Ms Barbara Bender (gem@sciences-po.fr).
Ideally, documents should be provided in a searchable form, either in MS Word or in searchable pdf form.

Regulation coding database (to come)
Regulation affects the behaviour of regulated businesses through many varied clauses. The databases below provide consistent coding of the texts found in the Regulation database.

Data underlying papers (to come)


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