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Research Programme « Reform in International Transport Services » (RITS)

Achard, Pascal, "The Regulation of International Air Cargo Services", GEM, June 2009. The regulatory data used in the study are made available in the following files. This file contains different passenger and cargo ALIs, depending on the scoring method used. This file contains the analysis of the various ASAs (eg whether an ASA grants the 5th freedom of the air or not), that is, the basis for calculating the ALIs. The ASAs themselves can be found in the GEM’s repository of ASAs here.

Jomini, Patrick, Chai, Andreas, Achard, Pascal, and Rupp, Judith, "The changing landscape of Air Service Agreements", GEM policy Brief, June 30, 2009.

Jomini, Patrick, Achard, Pascal, Rupp, Judith, "The Istanbul Declaration and the Agenda for Freedom Summit – an opportunity for broad liberalisation", GEM Working paper, February 2009. The following file contains the ASA coding and scoring as well as the passenger projections under Istanbul.

Geloso Grosso, Massimo, "Liberalising Air Cargo Services In Apec", GEM Working Paper, December 2008.

Geloso Grosso, Massimo, "Liberalising Air Passenger Services In Apec", GEM Working Paper, November 2008.

Geloso Grosso, Massimo, "Liberalising air transport services in APEC", GEM Working Paper, April 2008.

Helble, Matthias, Ben Shepherd, and John S. Wilson, "Transparency and Trade Facilitation in the Asia-Pacific: Estimating the Gains from Reform",Washington, D.C.: The World Bank & DFAT, 2007.

Cattaneo, Olivier, Nielson, Julia, "Regulation of Services Traded Electronically", OECD, October 2002, 37p.


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