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Conference "The 2020 European agriculture: Long term challenges, new public and private policies"

Papers from wisemen of each session

Molander, Per, Agriculture and Risk management.
Spector, David, Agriculture, agribusiness and competition policies.

Watch Part III of the conference.

Agriculture and new private policies

Price fluctuations, climate risk (apart from climate change), health crises, and the like, also require new private policies, especially those facilitating better risk management and enhanced competition, from farm to consumer.

Session 7. Agriculture and Risk Management

There are many instruments that can be used to manage risk. What is the appropriate division of labor between public and private sectors? International trade has always been an important means of spreading risk. How can trade be fostered in order to better play this insurance role? What are the other aspects of international cooperation that need to be considered?

President Jean Cordier, INRA
Wiseman Per Molander, MAPSEC
Discussants Jesus Anton, OECD
Yves Salmon, Groupama

Listen to session 7
Download Per Molander: Agriculture and Risk management.

Session 8. Agriculture, Agribusiness and Competition Policy

France is attached to its agricultural “tradition”. But the rest of the French economy has changed, and the agriculture value chain now involves new agents, with a new balance of power. Should we accept increasing divergences in agricultural production structures, as has been happening in other Member States? What are the responsibilities of cooperatives and distributors in the organization of a production system integrated into an increasingly globalized market? What role can competition policy play in future agricultural policies?

President Frédéric Jenny, ESSEC
Wiseman David Spector, Paris School of Economics
Discussants Jean-René Buisson, ANIA

Listen to session 8
Download David Spector: Agriculture, agribusiness and competition policies


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