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The dramatic rise in energy prices, the geopolitical tensions in some oil producing-regions, the uncertainties surrounding the future availability and access to non-renewable resources and increasing environmental concerns have awaken a strong interest for biofuels in many parts of the world.

The European Union does not escape this sudden and unprecedented wave of enthusiasm for agro-food fuels. Since 2003, a multiplication of measures promoting the production of biofuels has been observed. However, the non-harmonization of policies at the EU level encourages member states to act as free-riders and to elaborate their own action plans and instruments independently of the policies carried out in the rest of the EU. The result is a dramatic lack of visibility regarding the current and prospective effective European strategy in this sector, reinforced by the absence of sound and detailed publicly available data.

Although biofuels is one of the most promoted topics in the media, in public discourses and in international events, the lack of transparency characterizing this sector is puzzling. Language barriers, confidentiality evoked by public administrations and firms, absence of common methodology for data collection are among the most frequent impediments that limit the access to useful information on EU member states biofuels policies. As a result, it is currently very complex to address the interrogations that have emerged regarding the EU policy, such as its accuracy with the posted objectives and the sustainability of the sector.

The objective of the European Biofuels Policy Research Programme (EBP) conducted at GEM is to provide sound and detailed data and analysis on EU biofuels measures. That will facilitate the assessment of the current and planed policies carried out by EU member states and allow for international comparison to contribute to the public debate. EBP seeks also to propose and promote policy alternatives based on enlightened economic policy analysis.


For information: ebp-gem@sciences-po.fr

Programme Coordinator: Luiz Fernando do Amaral
Phone: +33 (0)6 37 60 14 25


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