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The French G20 Presidency: A GSIS/KDI-Sciences Po-ITAM Conference


9.00-9.30. Opening remarks

  • Ernesto Zedillo, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
  • Yung-Chul Park, Korea University
  • Ramon Fernandez, French Treasury

Audio file available here.

9.30-10.30. Session 1. G20 and Governance

Chair: Patrick Messerlin, GEM Sciences Po

  • Taeho Bark, GSIS-Seoul National University
  • Benoit Coeuré, French Treasury
  • Rafael Fernández de Castro, ITAM

Suggested questions:
Does the G20 need crises to exist? Are there emerging crises looming?
• The transition from actions focused on crises to an agenda driven by the Chairs.
• Is the G20 legitimacy eroded by pending problems, such as the Doha Round?
• Has the G20 found its right place among the world institutions?

Audio file available here.
Presentation by Professor Bark.

Coffee break

10.45-11.45. Session 2. International macrocoordination

Chair: Thierry Mayer, Sciences Po

  • Dongchul Cho, Korean Development Institute
  • Agnès Benassy Quere, CEPII
  • Ricardo Ochoa, Mexico’s Ministry of Finance

Suggested questions:
• What role for international macro coordination after the financial crisis?
• What to do with global imbalances?
• What role for the IMF?

Audio file available here.
Presentation by Professor Cho.
Presentation by Mrs Benassy Quere.

Coffee break

12.00-13.15. Session 3. International Monetary System

Chair: Philippe Martin, Sciences Po

  • Dongsoo Chin, Former Chairman of the Financial Services Commission, Korea
  • Emmanuel Fahri, Harvard University
  • Carlos Capistrán, Mexico’s Central Bank

Suggested questions:
• Does the IMS need reform?
• Should a multi-polar monetary system emerge?
• How best to insure international liquidity provision?
• What role for emerging markets?

Audio file available here.
Presentation by Professor Chin.

13.15-14.15 Lunch (buffet at Sciences Po)

14.15-15.30: Session 4. Development and price volatility

Chair: Philippe Weil, OFCE Sciences Po.

  • Wonhyuk Lim, Korean Development Institute
  • Pierre Jacquet, Agence Française de Développement
  • Ignacio Trigueros, ITAM

Suggested questions:
• What happens to the G20 pledge for ‘product market reforms’ which is an important item included in the Seoul Declaration?
• Which could be the areas where the G20 has a ‘comparative advantage’ (Seoul Declaration) in the development area?
• Has the G20 generated a shift away from the Millenium Development Goals towards new objectives?
• The food and agriculture theme, with consideration of a failure of the Doha Round.

Audio file available here.
Presentation by Professor Lim.

Coffee break

15:45-17:15. Session 5. G20 Challenges: A Global View

Chair: Jean-Paul Fitoussi, OFCE, Sciences Po

  • Ernesto Zedillo, Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
  • Stanley Fischer, Bank of Israel
  • Anne O. Krueger, John Hopkins University
  • Yung Chul Park, Korea University
  • Jean-Pierre Landau, Bank of France

Suggested questions:
• Panelists are free to choose their themes and to develop them during 10 minutes.
• A first round of discussions will be limited to the panelists, then followed by a general discussion with all the participants.

Audio file available here.
Video of the session available here.

Coffee break

17:30-18:30. Session 6. Climate Change, Energy Security, and Green Growth

Chair: Claude Henry, Columbia University and Sciences Po

  • Soogil Young, Presidential Committee on Green Growth
  • Laurence Tubiana, IDDRI-Sciences Po
  • Ricardo Samaniego, ITAM

Suggested questions:
• Should the G20 express some specific instructions about the climate change negotiations, after the paltry results of the Cancun Ministerial?
• Could the G20 instruct some organizations (which ones?) to follow the development in the energy markets?
• Should it take some precise actions/steps concerning nuclear energy?
• The Green Growth theme.

Audio file available here.
Paper by Professor Young.
Presentation by Professor Samaniego.


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