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Regulatory Policy

The Groupe d’Economie Mondiale and the AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies are working in partnership to conduct non-partisan research on the costs and benefits of existing and envisaged regulations. Trade in services is increasingly putting pressure on existing European regulation. Authorities are being forced to re-think the means by which regulatory objectives have been pursued to date, and to re-consider the objectives themselves, if only for defining them with much more precision.

During the three last decades, regulatory reforms have been generally designed on a sectoral basis, hence the many sectoral sub-entries (financial services, audiovisual, telecoms, etc.) in the GEM website. However, there are signs of an emerging horizontal (across sector) approach—in particular, when making a cost-benefit based assessment of the existing regulations (the so-called regulatory impact analysis) and when designing regulatory reforms for a wide range of services (the Services Directive).


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