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GEM brings together a broad spectrum of applied economists and sector/business experts to produce timely research on policy issues. A core staff works closely with visiting scholars to ensure the overall development of GEM's programme.

Research Associates & Visiting Professors at Sciences Po - GEM

Paul Atkinson, Dr., macroeconomic policy, structural reform issues and industrial innovation. CV, presentations and papers

Olivier Cattaneo, World Bank, WTO law, intellectual property rights.

Robert Crandall, AEI-Brookings, Telecoms, steel.

Douglas Cumming, Lally School of Management and Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Michael Engman, Dr, World Bank, trade and development, trade in services, temporary labour migration. CV

Felix Eschenbach, Dr., International Monetary Fund (IMF), trade liberalisation in financial and other services sectors; service sector and WTO negotiations in eastern Europe and central Asia. CV

Joseph Francois, Johannes Kepler Universität (Linz), Trade modelling, trade policy.

Julien Hanoteau, Professor, EUROMED, environmental policy, political economy.

Georges Harb, Dr., Arab economic integration; other interests include regionalism and trade facilitation in the Arab world. CV in English, CV en français.

Bernard Hoekman, World Bank, trade and development, trade in services.

Patrick Jomini, Australian Productivity Commission, evaluating the effects of National Competition Policy and tariff reductions, and evaluating the effects of multilateral liberalisation in goods and services trade

Yoo-Duk Kang, Dr, Economic integration in Europe and FTAs in East Asia, Bilateral trade negotiation, Regionalism. CV

Sydney J. Key, Dr., liberalization of international trade in financial services, international financial regulation, EU financial sector integration. CV

Geraldine Kutas, Dr, União da Indústria de Cana-de-Açúcar (UNICA), PhD student, International trade negotiations and agricultural policies, biofuels, trade relations European Union – Latin America. CV in English, CV en français, CV en español.

Philippe Kohler, trade policy, public economics.

Ruben Lee, Oxford Finance Group

Florence Levy-Hartmann, Dr, Council of Europe, PhD student, audiovisual sector regulation. CV in English, CV en français.

Robert E Litan, Brookings Institution, antitrust, banking, financial institutions, internet policy, trade policy.

Claude Meyer, Japan’s political economy (structural reforms); financial economics of Japan and China (evolution and reforms of public and private finance); economic and financial relations between China and Japan. CV in English.

Sebastien Miroudot, Dr, OECD, Trade and development, trade policy.

Suman Modwel, Professor, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussée (ENPC), Foreign Trade Policy, specialized in South Asia CV

Michael Moore, George Washington University, Trade policy.

Ivan Mortimer-Schutts, financial services regulation; financial sector development in emerging markets and regulatory impact analysis. CV

Anne-Sophie Novel, Dr, trade policy, counter terrorism and security policies, developing countries. CV

Steven Ongena, CentER, Tilburg University

Michael Plummer, Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna, Italy.

Emilie Pons, PhD Student, Fiscal policy for biofuels in the EU, Bioenergy policies in OECD countries, Sustainability standards for biofuels. CV.

Ben Shepherd, Dr., Princeton University, agriculture and primary commodities, applied econometrics. CV.

Daria Taglioni, OECD.

Jorge Uribe, Dr, Telecoms and Electricity regulation, Industrial Organization, Game theory. CV en français, CV en español.

Clifford Winston, AEI-Brookings, Transportation, regulatory reforms.

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