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Our key topics:

Trade Policy
Trade liberalisation can make an important contribution to domestic economic growth in national economies. But, in order to do so, it may require appropriate regulatory policies at the national level -- free trade is not necessarily "laisser-faire".

GEM's work increasingly focuses on trade in the services sector, which represents about two thirds of GDP in most economies, hence offers particularly important opportunities for growth in developed and developing economies.

GEM often interacts with international institutions such as the WTO, UN and World Bank, as well as with firms and NGOs interested in trade issues.

Regulatory Policy
New technologies and the expansion of trade are testing existing regulations, rendering them less effective on the national level and less coherent on the international level. This is putting pressure on national authorities to find new approaches to achieving public objectives.

In this domain, GEM launched an initiative with the AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies to develop a programme in Europe on the economic assessment of regulations at the national and EU level from 2004 to 2008 (when the joint initiative ended and the Center passed under the of AEI only). Then GEM worked on these issues with other institutions and in particular the GMF.

And more about us...

A network based, policy oriented think tank. GEM brings together international academics and industry experts from the private and public sectors to provide fact-finding, economically sound and policy oriented analysis of current trade and regulatory policy issues.

Promoting better economic governance. European policy makers have to tackle the challenges of liberalisation and globalisation in a much more pro-active manner. Benefits of economic integration can only be grasped if governments, firms and citizens take a sober look at the challenges they face and if they think carefully about ways of making domestic markets work better to achieve better defined social and economic policy objectives.

Targeting national, european and international audiences. In order to better contribute to public debate, GEM will publish not only in English but also where relevant in other European languages.

Articles about the GEM and AEI-Brookings Initiative that have appeared in the press may be found here:

Financial Times, 26 January 2005 FT January 25th, 2005

Le Monde, 23 November 2004 Le Monde, 23 November 2004


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